Auction Information

Welcome to our Annual Allocated and Limited Availability Bourbon Auction, featuring Pappy Van Winkle!

As anyone reading this knows, most – if not all – allocated and limited-release Bourbons are getting harder and harder to find. Once a retailer receives them, hundreds, if not thousands, of people are looking to snatch up a rare find.

To have some good come out of this yearly chaos, we have decided to Auction off our allocation, as well as some other goodies, with all the proceeds going directly to those who put their lives on the line every day to keep us out of harm’s way, The Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department. Along with all the proceeds, Bay Ridge Wine & Spirits – Kent Island will also donate the cost of the bottles to K.I.V.F.D… The only monies not donated to the KIVFD will be the 9% Sales Tax.

The K.I.V.F.D began in 1947 when four men gathered in Chester, Maryland, collected $1,500, and started protecting the residents of Kent Island with 14 men. Today the Department serves over 20K citizens, covers over 30 square miles, and responds to over 8K houses, apartments, and businesses with over 100 volunteers. To donate your time or money, please visit

This website has been created to make your Auction experience very easy. It is a ‘live auction’ where you can see the top bid as each bid comes in. There are 17 bottles available this year. You may bid on one, some, or all of the bottles, and you are welcome to bid as often as you like. The bidding will begin on Friday, December 15th at 9:00 am and runs through Thursday, December 21st at 9:00 pm. All winners will be contacted by phone and must submit payment to secure their bottle(s). If the winner chooses not to purchase their bottle, the second-place bidder will then be declared the winner, and so on. No names or personal information are shared on the site, so you are safe if you purchase a gift.

It is very important to understand that Bay Ridge Wine & Spirits – Kent Island CAN NOT SHIP your bottles if you are lucky enough to win. You, or your designee over 21, must pick up your bottle(s) at our store. Once paid for, we will hold your bottle(s) as long as necessary.